is located in Auckland, New Zealand and specialises in marketing campaigns for both Auckland businesses and national campaigns. We provide our clients with three times the customer care and service of similar advertising agencies. It is easy to see why is the fastest-growing promotional products company. We make you, as the client, our top priority. Marketing is more influential than ever today, especially in a highly competitive economic climate. Our experts can tackle marketing and advertising projects including promotional items and branded products and goods.

Who We Are

We are a marketing company with experts on staff who know how to design a campaign that produces the results you need to generate interest in your event or revenue for your business. Our experts put together promotional items designed to let your target audience know about your event or campaign. Awareness is half the battle in marketing and we're ready to lead you to victory. Even well-established brands and products need to properly market to retain their hold in an increasingly competitive market. Promotional Products creates a marketing campaign that is successful and effective. We work to create a marketing effort targeted to the demographic you are trying to reach for your product or brand. We specialise in two basic marketing campaigns.

1. Traditional Campaigns

A traditional campaign effort focuses on newspaper print ads, magazine and television and radio marketing. These platforms have stood the test of time and can still be extremely effective at reaching a target audience. Our marketing experts at Promotional Products know how to make the most of traditional marketing and advertising methods. Many businesses use traditional marketing strategies to maintain an existing customer base that tends to be more responsive to these marketing efforts. Some promotions and advertising campaigns are actually more effective with traditional marketing methods. It depends on your marketing goals and target audience. We assess your needs and work with you to decide which efforts are best.

2. Contemporary Campaigns

A more contemporary campaign extends the focus of a marketing campaign to social media and mobile platforms. This includes campaigns specifically targeted to customers via the Internet and various social networks to generate buzz for your campaign or help find a new audience for an existing brand. Nearly 80 percent of Internet users search for details about a specific product or brand online. Nearly 60 percent of businesses report acquiring new customers from online campaigns. More than 80 percent of businesses surveyed now rate Facebook as "critical" to their marketing efforts. Clearly, a more contemporary approach to marketing should not be ignored. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Many campaigns combine elements of traditional and contemporary marketing methods with great success.

Understanding What We Do

Our experts at Promotional Products work to generate an advertising campaign that is geared towards your needs and goals. markets products with printed materials designed to ensure that your product is presented in a way that is not only appealing, but reaches your target demographic. We specially design marketing products with your logo or company identity displayed in the most effective way. Promotional Products staff includes the most creative minds in the business. We work to create an innovative marketing strategy especially for your product, service or marketing campaign. We design a campaign that reaches your target audience and delivers the results you need to succeed.

Marketing Strategies is your source for creating a marketing strategy that is just right for your business. We offer several approaches to marketing available to best meet your marketing goals and target the right demographics to make your campaign as effective as possible. There is no such thing as a sure thing in the world of marketing or advertising, but there are certain strategies that can be highly effective in reaching your goals.

• Merchandise advertising - We use full-colour images to brand selected items or introduce new products to your existing customer base or market to a new target audience. It is not uncommon for a client who was had success with a traditional marketing campaign to make the transition to web-based marketing efforts. Our professionals brand your logo, slogan or image to present your products in the most appealing way possible. Our experts determine your target demographic and then help you select the best printed materials to use to reach your desired audience.

• Signage and promotional print advertising - Our experts create bright signs with rich colour for print advertising efforts for your business, brand or campaign. Our creative team works with you to design a print advertising campaign that best highlights your brand.

• In-Store and Event Advertising - We erect kiosks in a wholesale or retail outlet designed to increase customer interest and awareness of your brand. This includes offering samples, entertainment or other special attention-getting details to your in-store display.

• Media advertising - Promotional Products uses the social media platforms that are right for your business or campaign to target the specific demographic you are trying to reach with your brand. Your merchandise is prominently displayed on a specially created business page. This is part of your marketing strategy incorporated into the platforms best suited for your purposes. Some advertising platforms are not only highly effective, but more cost-effective than traditional campaigns.

Contact Promotional Products today and let us make your marketing campaign a success. Visit us at or call us at 09 889 0874 to see what we can do for you. Customer service is our main goal. We are ready to make your advertising or marketing campaign the best it can be at a price you can afford. is one of New Zealand's Fastest Growing Promotional Products Stores.